The winning game of Bratislava Game Jam 2019

Turn-based real estate soft strategy based in the animal world, in a role of a young woodpecker trying to make a career in a real estate company, choosing the most optimal housing for his animal clients.

To pass the game you need to survive 3 years in the game without getting your clients' happiness level down to zero. 


Boris Brnčal - Game Director and Lead Game Designer
Silvia Klúčovská - Art Director and Artist
Branislav Paulis - Programmer and Game Designer 
Robert Bruckmayer - Sound Designer and Composer

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ANDROID - House Them All! v0.42 44 MB
WINDOWS - House Them All! v0.42 40 MB
MAC - House Them All! v0.42 59 MB
LINUX - House Them All! v0.42 43 MB

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