A downloadable Corniens for Windows

Play as an Intraterrestrial corn field colony striving to communicate with distant cornians.

How to play:

Pick your corn tiles wisely to create symbols in your colony. To do so you need to turn your light-colored tiles into dark-colored tiles by simply clicking on them. 

Keep in mind, that by clicking the tile of your choice, all other tiles of the same type located to the right are affected as well.

You cannot interact with the black tiles, but they will help you to finish your symbols.


Boris Brnčal - Creative and Design Lead, Developer

Branislav Paulis - Technical Lead, Programmer, Game Designer, Developer

Silvia Klúčovská - Art Lead, UI/UX and Game Designer

Pavol Královič - Programmer, Game Designer, Developer

More levels coming soon!


Corniens 0,03 41 MB

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